About IAC


IAC (International Accreditation Corporation) is aware of the importance of impartiality with its world management bodies and all its employees and has organized its accreditation activities in accordance with the impartiality requirements of the ISO/IEC 17011 standard and legal regulations. All kinds of commercial, financial, political, administrative, etc. risks that may affect the impartiality of all management bodies, committees, personnel, auditors and technical experts, and all kinds of commercial, financial, political, administrative etc. It carries out its activities in a way that is free effects and without a profit motive. Does not provide conformity assessment services, does not engage in consultancy for conformity assessment bodies or any similar activity that may harm impartiality. IAC offers its training services only to public groups and with general content.

IAC has adopted the principle of supporting the development and cooperation with the accreditation institutions of the countries in our nearby geography, without competing with other accreditation institutions.

IAC has adopted it as an indispensable principle to continue its activities without discriminating against any party by giving the relevant parties the opportunity to actively participate in the protection of impartiality.


To be a leading and respected institution on a global scale, which is the symbol of trust and validity in accreditation services, contributes to the development of our country and the world, adds value to all our stakeholders.


To increase awareness by reaching quality and excellence in accreditation services by prioritizing tolerance, respect and honesty with a strong team spirit.

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